Give us this day our daily bread…

I’ve had little money. However, I have never had to trust God for food for each day! I firmly believe that God is a God of provision. That he cares for all our needs not just our spiritual ones. Jesus came to bring salvation, which is our answer to sin and the promise of eternity with Him but is so much more… It’s healing, wholeness, peace, life, joy, provision and safety.

It is important to stay current with God. We pray, ‘give us this day our daily bread’ but so often we are content to live on yesterdays blessings. We are content with a past experience of Him. We are content with a past expression of his love. Sometimes we are not just content but we idolise the past. We are programmed by advertisers to think new equals better. If we have a perfectly good mobile phone and the latest model comes out, it’s perfectly normal to go and get the new model. The newer the better. Same for video games, trainers, and microwaves. This constant stream of new and ‘better’ products should make us think. New isn’t always better. Being current with God, however, certainly is. ‘Give us THIS DAY…’. What is it that God has for us today? God is a God of the present. He is always present. He always has more for us. More to show us, more to teach us, more to bless us.

Know what God is doing in our lives:

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 there is this amazing phrase about men who ‘had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…’ Being thankful for what God HAS done so important. To remember his faithfulness and love means we can trust him for today, but we must also be hungry for what he is doing now, in this time, in this day. Isn’t the world crying out for people who have an understanding of the times and what we should do? To honour our past is not to live there… It is to use it to go further. Our past must not become a pattern but a baseline, a starting point, a launchpad.

To know personally (and collectively) what God is saying in this day is imperative. If I value a relationship then connection and communication are needed to keep that relationship current, alive and healthy. The same is true in our relationship with God. We must know what the word of the Lord is for our lives in this season. What is He doing in me in this moment? What is he teaching me? Showing me? What part of my life or thinking does he want to heal or renew? Just being aware of God moving in the now, helps us keep perspective and gives hope. If we refuse to let him become a God of just past victories but rather always pushing to find him in the now, then our lives will be radically changed. God never desires to be the guy who showed up last Sunday at church but one that can be found to be working in the office on Monday. The presence of God must become a reality in our lives. So I would encourage you to take time, pause, and turn your affections to Him and ask Him to show you what He is doing in your life. You’d be surprised!

Know what God is doing around us:

Furthermore, we must be aware of how God wants to USE us on a daily basis. Not only would we be conscious and content with his involvement in our lives but in the lives of others and how we can help them to recognise the hand of God. To notice and be in tune with what God is doing around us. We tend to get all worked up, worrying about how we can, ‘tell people about Jesus’ when sometimes we just need to come alongside what He’s already doing in their lives. However, for this, we must know God in our own lives and have an expectancy to find Him in others.

We tend to get all worked up, worrying about how we can, ‘tell people about Jesus’ when sometimes we just need to come alongside what He’s already doing in their lives.

Daily repentance:

Finally, in our walk with the Lord, we must be current in the confession of sin. The goal is to get the space of time between messing up and repentance as small as possible. Keeping short accounts enables us to move on quickly from our mistakes. We are not supposed to wallow in our sins but to pick ourselves up, get right with God, and move forward. This way we keep our hands clean, our hearts pure and our relationship with the Father close and strong.

So take a moment, get current, get clean and get informed. God’s on the move in your life, it’d be a shame to miss it!