Truth Illustrated.

This is the first in a series of illustrations designed to help us think about the higher things in life.

It grew from a single illustration, showing that there is much more to truth than just fact. Our minds can easily get stuck in the post-modern, fact driven thinking that has grown to dominate the last 100 years. There is more to life than what we can observe, measure, and recreate. Knowing more about how the world works mechanically is a privilege we have over any generation before us. This, however, doesn’t necessarily leave us any more competent at living life.

These illustrations are designed to make us think in a different way. They are not always supposed to be obvious or definitive but allow room for interpretation and individual application. They can be used to help illustrate a point or to start a conversation. Like a parable, fable, or legend of old it almost matters not whether these are ‘true’, ‘accurate’, or ‘correct’ only that they might hold, or lead us to, a higher truth that enriches and informs.

You can download Volume I now. Free to download and use. Perfect for Youth Workers, Small Group Leaders, or just for personal reflection. Feel free to share, credit/attribution appreciated.

Truth Illustrated – Peter Bending – 2021